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Video: Way We Are

Oklahoma, where the plumes come seepin' down the plains as 500,000 old oil wells with junk left behind on the surface. What is beneath the earth is even more destructive. In this video you should notice the zone of death. Don't be distracted by the junk. The real problem is the dead soil. The winter wheat which I photographed in February 2014 will eventually die off on the edges of the dead soil. Further away from the salted zone and conspicuously dead soil the plants are still vibrant but will ultimately fail to either form of fill heads of grain.

March 30, 2014 video of salt contaminated north Central Oklahoma farm land which typically grows winter wheat. The white ground is sterile . The brown zone supports only salt tolerant weeds. The green zone is winter wheat , which is planted and had begun to grow in the fall of 2013 and March had sprung to life ahead of the weeds. The Dead Sea is 35% salt by mass. Sea water is 3.5% salt by mass. The water had every appearance of the death. No bugs, frogs or birds bathing in the pools hidden by the dead weeds.